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Reference No. CB-015-2018    Draft No.
Type: Council Bill Status: Enacted
Meeting Body County Council
Meeting Date 10/23/2018
Introduced Date 9/11/2018 Public Hearing Date 10/23/2018 @ 10:00 AM
Effective date: 10/20/2020    
Title: (SUBDIVISION BILL) - AN ACT CONCERNING THE SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS OF PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY for the purpose of replacing the Subdivision Regulations of Prince George’s County, being also and the same Subtitle 24 of the County Code, with new Subdivision Regulations.
Proposers/Sponsors: M-NCPPC, Dannielle M. Glaros, Derrick Leon Davis, Mel Franklin, Obie Patterson, Deni L. Taveras, Todd M. Turner
Code sections: 24-101 - , 24-102 - , 24-103 - , 24-104 - , 24-105 - , 24-106 - , 24-107 - , 24-107.01 - , 24-108 - , 24-109 - , 24-110 - , 24-111 - , 24-112 - , 24-113 - , 24-114 - , 24-114.01 - , 24-115 - , 24-116 - , 24-117 - , 24-118 - , 24-119 - , 24-119.01 - , 24-120 - , 24-120.01 - , 24-120.02 - , 24-120.03 - , 24-121 - , 24-122 - , 24-122.01 - , 24-122.02 - , 24-123 - , 24-124 - , 24-124.01 - , 24-125 - , 24-126 - , 24-127 - , 24-128 - , 24-129 - , 24-130 - , 24-131 - , 24-132 - , 24-133 - , 24-134 - , 24-135 - , 24-135.01 - , 24-135.02 - , 24-136 - , 24-137 - , 24-138 - , 24-138.01 - , 24-139 - , 24-140 - , 24-141 - , 24-142 - , 24-143 - , 24-144 - , 24-145 - , 24-146 - , 24-147 - , 24-148 - , 24-149 - , 24-149.01 - , 24-150 - , 24-151 - , 24-152 - , 24-461 -
Attachments: 1. B2018015, 2. SUBTITLE 24 Table of Contents, 3. DIVISION 24-1 General Provisions, 4. DIVISION 24-2 Subdivision Administration, 5. DIVISION 24-3 Subdivision Standards, 6. DIVISION 24-4 Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Standards, 7. DIVISION 24-5 Enforcement, 8. ATTACHMENT B (AMENDMENT #2) TO CB-15-2018, 9. AMENDMENT #3 TO CB-15-2018, 10. CB-15-2018 AIS
Contact: Chad Williams, M-NCPPC Staff


(SUBDIVISION BILL) - AN ACT CONCERNING THE SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS OF PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY for the purpose of replacing the Subdivision Regulations of Prince George’s County, being also and the same Subtitle 24 of the County Code, with new Subdivision Regulations.



This bill is the culmination of more than five years of work with stakeholders throughout the County to develop a new, 21st Century Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations to provide the County with robust, modern zoning, community outreach and engagement, and regulatory and enforcement tools that will facilitate implementation of the Plan Prince George’s 2035 General Plan and other County policy goals. The new Subdivision Regulations aim to streamline procedures, reduce obstacles to achieving the economic development goals of the County, enhance utility and user-friendliness, encourage appropriate input into the subdivision review process, incorporate a certificate of adequacy procedure for testing and retesting the adequacy of public facilities, and incentivize development at targeted growth locations.


**NOTE:  The effective date set forth above is a reasonable estimate for this legislation to take effect.  However, in order for CB-013-2018 and CB-015-2018 to become effective, the Council must approve, pursuant to the process enacted via CB-014-2018 on October 23, 2018, a Countywide Sectional Map Amendment (“CMA”) to apply the appropriate zoning classification within the new Ordinance to each parcel of real property in the County.  As such, the actual effective date of this legislation shall be the date of Council approval, if any, of the CMA.



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